We Live Missions Manifesto


IF ever there was a moment for our generation to seize, it is this one. We can no longer wait for the bravery of others, hoping to be caught in their wake.

THERE must always be a pioneer willing to take the first step— and I will lead. I will model and steward my life for the fulfillment of our God-given purpose.

I fully embrace that all of life is wrapped in the Great Commission, letting go of the sacred/secular divide that culture has drawn for us.

I am ready to let go of the fears which keep me from daily living out God’s mission, and the cultural narratives which hold me hostage. I want to live open-handed, with reckless abandonment to His vision for my life, campus, and the world.

I am willing and desirous, with God’s help and the community of faith-filled friends, to see my generation fulfill its role in The Great Commission.

Our role is to disciple those of every nation–to bring them into this radical pursuit of planting the Gospel in every tribe, tongue, and nation.


WE are a community of like-minded believers, following Jesus to the ends of the earth in our everyday lives.

I commit to LIVE as Jesus did, not for myself, but for the lost and the least.

MISSIONS is no longer optional. This is a lifestyle we fully embrace with no reservation, fear, or regret.

I commit to go, give, pray, and welcome every day.


We Live Missions Commitment

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Our Mission

Carrying His presence. Crossing cultures. Together. Everyday.


We were created for community and forged to foster real relationships.


Missions living is natural living. We invite you into a lifestyle that is both rich in culture and steeped in love.

Our Plumb Line


Christ has mandated that we go into all the world.  He promises that we need not fear, for He will go with us. Consider giving a year and praying about a lifetime.


We cultivate a culture of compassion and generosity when we give of our finances, time, and talents to see the whole world filled with Christ’s glory.


Missions begin with the heart. In prayer, we cultivate the heart of Christ that we may come to see the world through His eyes and love deeply with His great love.


We have the opportunity to host fellow travelers in the very land we are living in. We open our homes and hearts so that we may partner with Christ in our very own city.